Monday, July 13, 2015

Last One!

wow. last one. now that's weird.

Not really sure what to write about for the last one. I guess I'll just share a few thoughts that are going through my head right now about the mission...

1. God's intention is for Man to be happy.
        -God will do nothing, save it is to help his children become more happy. that does not mean we won't have trials. in fact, those trials are there so that we can grow and learn how to be more happy. one of the big things I learned on my mission is that we can be happy in all circumstances! just because we may not be having a good day (even if our day was terrible) does not mean we have to show and tell everyone about it! we can do as christ says about fasting, and "do our deeds in secret, as our father who is in heaven seeth in secret". invitation: be happy!! it's a choice.

2. service is the finest exercise for the heart ever prescribed.
        -we all know that famous scripture in Mosiah 2:17 "when you are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God". I am 100% converted to this scripture. I cannot even begin to describe to you the joy that comes from service. especially when you serve someone in an eternal way; meaning helping them come unto christ. if you are ever in a difficult time, I testify to you that the way out is by forgetting yourself in the service of your God. even if you don't believe in God, go and serve someone, in some way. whatever you do, forget yourself and go to work. I guarantee you will find happiness.

3. finishing a mission does not mean that we are finished.
        -a lot of people have been asking me lately "what are you going to do when you get home?" or "how are you feeling about finishing" and whatnot. I simply tell them I am going to be doing the exact same thing when I get home! its not the end of my "mission". in fact, it is really the beginning of my mission- the beginning of true discipleship and conversion. I am excited for my next transfer when i'll be getting transferred to san Ramon, CA and will have a whole new ward and whole new people to with. it's going to be great.

there you go everyone. I have a lot more thoughts running through my head, I just don't have enough time to write them all down...

This is His Church. He is the Christ. 


love you.

-elder thompson

ps. got to play baseball this week a little! oh boy am I horrible

Monday, July 6, 2015

so hot!!

Hey everyone!! Holy cow we had a hot week here!! It was 100° all week long... at night it may have cooled down to 80° but it was super humid to boot!! Don't even get me started about inside the buses... on public transportation, it was 118°!! Probably even hotter with everyone's body heat!! The great thing about France is they don't have air conditioning, so everyone just sweats! (hey, it's not embarrassing if everyone is doing

Anyway, now that I have vented about how hot it was this week, I will be brief since this week flew by and I can't remember much of what

Happy fourth of July!! We had a super great day because there was also a baptism! I was super excited to wear my sweet american tie! It is red, white and blue with a picture of the statue of liberty and the american flag! (hint: France gave us the statue of liberty!). We had some good 'ole burgers and fries for lunch. but unlike some places, we don't have a machine to make the fries so we had to make them old school style. Well grandma, just like you, I forgot all about them. I burnt them and almost burned down the apartment haha. Boy was it smoky in there!!!! 

Let's see, our ami Nadine was baptized this past Saturday!!! It was super great to see someone go from not really knowing for sure if God exists four months ago to now and having made a covenant with him!! The baptismal service went really well!! We ended up starting 40 minutes late, but it was okay because everything turned out well and there were no problems ;)

Voilà, sorry for the short letter, have a good week everyone!!!

Here are a few things I learned for the week:

1. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.
2. I am grateful for air conditioning...
3. Forget yourself and go to work. you'll see how happy you are when you do that. Just take a look at parents... they forget themselves and find their joy in their children.

je vous aime!

elder thompson

ps. Elder Swanson and I get along super well, we have got quite a few inside jokes ;)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet Week!

Hey everyone! I hope your week went well, mine sure did! Shoutout to my sister Kendal who is finishing her Mission today. Wow, it's weird to see things happen we talked about 2 years ago. You did well Sis, now go and do some good in San Ramon. As we say in French "tu peux préparer le terrain" put it in Google translate.

So I am just going to jump right into it. I felt like I was gone all week because, well, I was. Lol I left Perigueux on Tuesday for an exchange in Brive. Got back Wednesday night and left Thursday for another exchange in Bergerac. Came back Friday afternoon after missing our bus. Then we did service most of the day Saturday, went to church on Sunday and voilà, there's our week! But while I was on exchanges there was some pretty sweet stuff that
went down in Perigueux.

So let's see... we received a referral from church headquarters! His name is William Fox. Elder Swanson met him with Elder Guyaux on exchanges. Apparently he is pretty interested in the gospel! I am really excited to meet him.
Exchanges in Brive with Elder Walker was sweet! Elder Walker is so sick. He is super good at the guitar and loves Jack Johnson so he played a bunch of his songs for me. Lol  He also loves sports so it was nice to be able to talk sports with him. Exchanges in Bergerac with Elder Sneddon was sweet also! I love elderSneddon, he is so funny and really is a sincere guy. A great missionary also.

Okay, zoom... skip to Sunday. We had the coolest miracles on Sunday at church! So we're sitting in the priesthood lesson and some random buff guy I've never seen walks in. He sits down and after the lesson we found out that he was baptized 20 years ago in Limoges but fell less-active about two years after that (he must have been
baptized when he was about 15 or so, because he didn't look older than 35). Anyway, he came with his wife who is not a member and their 5-year old son. A potential eternal family just walked into church!! So cool. And then another random girl came to church! She said she came to Perigueux about a month ago, had passed by the
front of the church a few times and really wanted to visit. So she came to church and loved it!

So many miracles are happening here in Perigueux, it's amazing! It actually is a shame because I have a feeling I will be getting transferred next transfer ;)

But hey if you could all please pray for our ami Nadine. She is getting baptized this Saturday and we all need your prayers that she will continue on the great road that she is on. She is so great and so excited for her baptism!

Many great things happening here in Perigueux and let me just say that it is really cool to have seen the lord's hand work wonders in front of my eyes. I am so grateful for the fruits of the gospel and for the things that the lord is doing for his children here in Perigueux.

The church is true the book is blue!
Thank you for your prayers everyone.

Welcome home Kendal! :)
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Thompson

Monday, June 22, 2015

Change is Real

I just want to express how much I LOVE my mission. Everyone always says "it is the best 18 months" and it is have to experience it to know. Serving the Lord and the Chilean people the last year and a half has been the hardest thing I have ever done by far, but oh so rewarding! I have experienced so many miracles; been able to be an instrument in god's hands. I have watched many people change their lives, leave behind bad habits, addictions and temptations in order to follow Christ. The blessings are so grand, BUT the biggest change by far has been in me. Oh how the gospel has really entered and clung to my heart. The gospel has become a part of who I am. I have learned to pick myself up when I fall, to trust in Christ when He carries me, because I cannot do it on my own. Wow. The Atonement is real. Christ lives. His grace is inifinite. I am so grateful for Christ's sacrifice. I may not know him perfectly still, but I am working on that and I will continue working on it all of my life because eternal life comes thru knowing God and Christ. Through Christ, every one of us can change if we so desire. We can turn back to god. This morning I was studying about the Restoration and wow, every time I think of this Work, it blows my mind. the gospel is so amazing. God's Plan is so perfect, He is integrated into every single part of all of our life. I know Jose Smith was a prophet of god, I know he received the same Priesthood Keys that Christ gave to his apostles. This is the Church of Christ!!! 

I know Christ lives. I will forever treasure my mission as a sacred time and hold those memories dear. 

Now that hermana Farner has returned home, I am in a trio with hermana Wagner y hermana McQuinn. It is going to be a crazy week.. 

See ya later

lots of love and hugs
Hermana Thompson


Bonjour everyone! I hope you are all doing well and that you are enjoying your summer.

Let's just jump right into it...

Tuesday morning we head over to Bordeaux to have zone conference. This was a special zone conference because it was our last time seeing President and Sister Roney before they go home. They talked about how at the end of Christ's life, he instituted the sacrament through the last supper. In this "rdv" the savior taught his apostles the most important principles from everything He had taught over the last 3 years during his ministry. This is what we all would do right before we are about to leave someone and won't see them for a while. So basically the Roney's reiterated Christ's words at the last supper. If we receive his word, "happy are ye if ye do them". The savior taught us how to be happy. He taught us the recipe to happiness. It was really great to see President and Sister Roney one last time and to say "good-bye" to them. I am truly grateful for the chance I have had to serve under their leadership. They also gave us (each missionary) a painting of Christ with His apostles at the Last Supper when he is washing their feet. Totally going to be hanging it up in my house :)

Wednesday, I was on exchanges with a missionary in my district named elder kettler. Elder kettler is the only missionary in our mission from Hungary. Let me tell you, he is one of the funniest missionaries!! We got on the train to go home and it was super hot, so elder kettler says (in his Hungarian English accent "man it's hotter than my mothers womb in here" and so I reply "frere, I don't remember
what it was like in there..." And he says "me neither, but I wanted to get out" Haha so funny, at least an in-the-moment funny thing lol. we had a blast under the blazing hot sun. We taught one of our Amis on the patio at like 11 in the morning and got sooo sunburned! Lol boy that was fun. But luckily I still got my California skin and so it was all better by the time I woke up the next morning. But poor elder
kettler... Lol

Skip to Friday. We went exchanges again and this time I was in Bergerac with elder Guyaux. It's funny because I was elder guyaux's zone leader for his first three transfers. It is really cool to see how much he has already changed and the things he has already accomplished on his mission.

Saturday we had a samedi sportif. We have been playing basketball, idk if I am good or not but let's just say I have come a long way compared to where I used to be... Lol the. We finished off this night with a cool rdv with our ami Nadine. Another member wanted a blessing, but it was a girl so we needed another man with us...and so Nadine just made us all dinner and we were able to give the blessing. We had a wonderful night eating great food with some members and our
Ami. I am really grateful for the priesthood that our Heavenly Father has given to us to be able to serve His children in a manner that we couldn't do without his heavenly help.

Sunday night was super because yesterday was "la fête de la musique". It's basically a huge party that France throws to celebrate the beginning of summer. And it's this weird day where there aren't any restrictions on "disturbing the peace" of something like that. And since we live in the middle of centre ville, we had a super loud concert blasting in our ears all night long. Let's just say it Hahaha

Just a quick thought I heard this week in a talk or something I can't
remember where I heard it:
1. Compare yourself to others, and you will end up as not very much. But
don't compare yourself, and you end up much more than you expected.

If you ever want to look at the super pretty country that I am lucky
enough to be serving my mission in, take a look at All of the photos Sister Roney has taken during their trips around the mission...and a few more:)

Voilà bonne semaine tout le monde!!
Elder Thompson

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Last zone conference with President & Sister Roney before they go home!

Monday, June 15, 2015

it's a crazy ride

So yeah dad, when they took us out of Ochagavìa, they moved us to a new house too. We now live close to the Plaza de Maipù in Pajaritos. Ya, so my companion, hermana Farner, heads home this friday... wow, I am going to miss her! I am so grateful for the life long friends I have made here in the mission. I will forever be grateful to God for the people that have been put in my path. 

Anyway, I want to throw in a little testimony that God has a perfect Plan! He is so merciful, his timing is perfect, and His love for every single one of us is immeasurable. 

lots of love 
Hermana Thompson

ps: mom, I finished the book of mormon this last week!  


Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Congratulations to all of you who are getting out of school! Be sure you make good use of the summer you've got!! The weather here is being really funny...for an hour it will be super hot without a cloud in the sky, and then 20 minutes later there'll be a super big storm for 30 minutes and then stop raining and get super windy and...well you get the point. It's actually been a really nice break from the super hot weather we have been having lately. We're taking advantage of it while we can. :)

So let's jump right into the week! This was a great week for us here in Perigueux!! We were going from rdv to rdv and just contacting all the way for the whole entire week. To sum it up, I am just going to talk about the cool things that happened:

On my birthday (Thursday), we had a rdv with our ami Nadine. We fixed a date for her baptismal service. It will be the Fourth of July, what better way to celebrate Independence Day?! Lol. She is probably one of the best Amis I have had my whole mission. I am grateful that the lord has blessed us with an ami like this at this time in my mission. I feel like he is rewarding me for my past two years of hard work lol. Anyway Nadine is so well integrated into the ward. She hangs out with members all the time and acts like a member now. She hasn't smoked a cigarette I over a week. Please pray that she can continue to not smoke! We had another rdv with her on Saturday at a members house. Apparently Nadine has been telling everyone that she is getting baptized on the fourth lol she is excited. Anyway this member made us the best food ever! She cooked us this fish called "congre" I think it's the same in English. Anyway the fish is like over 6 ft long and is huge! It was so good. I skipped the next two meals after that bc I didn't need to eat. Lol

So the other cool thing that happened this week was that we found a Portuguese woman. She lives near Nadine (our ami) and has her sister and family living with her. All in all, they are 11 in the house...!! Imagine that baptismal service.... Lol she is really interested in the gospel too! She said that she goes to church but something is missing and something isn't right. We shared her the Book of Mormon and she loved it! She was so interested in it. Keep you updated on her. So yeah that's basically my week in a nutshell. It rained on my
birthday lol that was fun, but we took a quick pit stop and got a patisserie to celebrate :)

Here's what i learned this week:
1. We endure in faith one day at a time.
2. Stress less and let the lord do the rest.

Voila. Have a great week everyone, see you next week!
Avec amour
Elder Thompson

Ps. Elder Swanson and I are working on a song. It's called "we will baptize" and we are using the tune of "we will rock you" haha oh you gotta love those late night talks with your comp.

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birthday lunch, cemetery near the gare, french door, trying to stay dry in the rain